BCRM is a web application created by using the state-of-the-art software development tools enabling you access anytime from anywhere in the world. Only internet connection and a computer or smartphone or tablet is all you need.

You can work onsite even without internet connection. Data synchronization tools will update the database with newly added data or changes made as soon as connection is established. The most important data from BCRM can also be easily exported to files, whether in CSV format for other external applications or pdf format for various reporting purposes.

BCRM is created to be as simple as possible and easy to learn and understand tool. Instead of adapting for building industry an existing CRM system, it was developed to provide full digital support to the builders by focusing to the key factors which determine the success of the business.

Transition from traditional doing business to BCRM is made smooth and easy. The system is made to provide efficient transfer of all your customers or staff data from spreadsheets into the BCRM database.

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